Friday, April 20, 2012

Athelia Claire's Blessing


We've been traveling to see family a lot lately. Last weekend we flew out to Denver for another baby blessing. This time it was for Carl and CK's precious little girl, Athelia Claire. She was so cute and all coos and cuddles! The blessing was held at John's parents' home with the bishop, a few close friends, and family.  The baby wore the gauzy, pleated dress I had gifted and she looked like an angel! She slept peacefully through her whole blessing on David's lap. CK's father is in Moscow as a mission president, so her parents watched and listened through Skype.

John was an outcast the whole weekend because he mysteriously contracted pink eye.  Luckily it was bacterial and Stephanie's friends had some leftover medicine to share.  I don't know how someone who works at home gets pink eye.  We're thinking it was from the grocery store. I totally don't trust most people to use common sense when it comes to hygiene.


ellen said...

Her dress is beautiful! My grandmother's name is Athelia (I told CK that when I met her in Boston).

Emily said...

What a great occasion and pictures! PS I don't trust people's hygiene either. I used to joke about the grubby engineers in the computer lab in Madison. Now I'm sure it's Walmart or church.