Thursday, March 15, 2012

Wheeler Farm



After shopping for some patent oxfords at the mall, John and I felt like we almost died. We were seriously having some kind of physical reaction to the crowds and noise. The opening of H&M and Crate and Barrel, combined with cold weather seemed to have driven all of Utah indoors, causing increased congestion. I decided I'm not a big fan of the mall anymore or maybe just indoor malls. John decided he hates Bath and Body Works.

To soothe our uneasiness, we drove a few block to Wheeler farm to find some solace in the crisp air and animals.  There was a mansion of a rabbit hutch that I was coveting and the goats seemed to really like John.  He must be salty.


Emily said...

Ahh much better than the mall. :) Love your hair and the texture in these pictures.

molly said...

I hate bath and body works too!

Also, your hair does look wonderful.

Most importantly - did you find oxfords?

holtkamp said...

yeah i like your hair too, looks great!

Melinda said...

Yes Molly, I did get my oxfords!