Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Journey to the Ends of the Earth


Also known as Goshen, Utah. I had a day off yesterday because it was the end of the grading quarter in my school district.  I started the day off with a short pre-birthday shopping trip by myself. It was pleasant and uncrowded because who in the working world has time to shop on a Monday?

If you're a member of the LDS church, I'm sure you've heard of this miniature version of Jerusalem that was built out in Goshen to produce church educational videos.   John expertly tracked down the location via cryptic images seen through google earth and we then drove down in hopes of having a party at the pool of Bethseda.  Actually I just wanted to get out into the fresh air and see a rural small town.

While driving into Goshen via the Santaquin exit, the radio station used for our Ipod was taken over by a weird local anti-Mormon talk show.  The host was encouraging listeners to investigate their churches, work places, etc. for signs of satanistic rituals.  We kind of took a back road to our destination, which prolonged our trip, but it was beautiful and pastoral.  I started trying to imagine the small rolling hills and streams as the river Jordan or the Judean plains. One thing that the google map did not show about the Jerusalem set was that it is on church property that is shared with a feed lot.  Although there were a lot of cute baby cows, it stunk and felt like the odor was seeping into our clothes.  Unfortunately the road to the set was gated and locked so we had to turn around.  I really wanted to trespass, but it just seemed a little wrong.

We ended the day with dinner in company with the Nashes and watching the Hunger Games.

By the way,  I'm not super knowledgeable in the agricultural realm. Does anyone know what would be under those tires and tarp? There were several mounds of these on the side of the road across from the feed lot, and it was especially foul smelling near those areas.


holtkamp said...

my favorite time for shopping and errands is definitely during the week like 10 AM when stores open - no traffic, no crowds. how was 'hunger games'? seems like everyone and their dog went. have you read the books?

Melinda said...

I know! That is totally THE best time to shop! Hunger Games was pretty good! We mostly went for John because he's read the whole series. I started the first chapter of Hunger Games on Sunday, so I had a little idea about what was going on.

Emily said...

I love shopping with no crowds! :) I haven't heard of this mini Jerusalem; hopefully you'll be able to tour it sometime. Haven't seen Hunger Games yet but I want to.

Christy Lee Nielson said...

To answer your question what was under the tarps is silage. It's basically fermented plants/crops and can be fed to cows. That is why it stinks so much its pretty bad! Looks like fun, gotta love Goshen right!