Wednesday, February 1, 2012


Winter in Utah really hasn't been too bad this year.  There's been very little snow and the temperatures during the day average in the lower 40's and on a good day warm up to the 50's. Being a California girl at heart, this all sits well with me, although my Utah counter parts may be bemoaning the lack of skiing opportunities and feeling the stress of possible upcoming drought conditions.  I do know a thing or two about droughts though. I remember well the days when the whole sky was black from smoke and the freeways were closed during the San Diego fires. 

Despite this relatively mild winter I, just as everyone during the cold months, have been mentally planning out vacations and trips that I could take.  Not all of these are feasible in the immediate future but sometimes planning, no matter how vague, can bring encouragement into the winter doldrums.
  1. The Azores - islands in the middle of the North Atlantic where they speak Portuguese. A plus since John will know the native language.  There are volcanic hot springs, cow path hikes through quaint villages, and hydrangea covered hills! 
  2. Japan - tickets are supposedly cheap right now since people are scared from the nuclear disaster last year. I am honestly a little hesitant for the same reason, but my dad keeps citing studies that the levels of radiation in Tokyo and the areas south are less than in Denver and New York.  I don't know if that's comforting or not.
  3. Roatan, Honduras - where we went on our honeymoon.  I didn't enjoy it to the fullest because I was sick most of the time. We stayed in a house that was cheap, much too big for our needs, and right on the beach.  We're thinking of doing that again.  There are mangoes, snorkling, Italian pizza (yes, there's an Italian ex-pat there that runs an amazing restaurant), and rain forests.
  4. Washington State - and Seattle, Victoria, and Vancouver.  My dad went to the University of Washington for grad school so the state holds a special place in my family's heart.  John has never been.  I also have an obsession with visiting the Olympic National forest (not Twilight related at all, promise) and seeing the tide pools of the north west. 
  5. The Philippines - Manilla and Quezon City where I served my mission.  The Philippines are full of so many amazing things that I couldn't possibly describe it in a few sentences. I would be in heaven with the food and seeing old friends.
  6. Portugal (again) - I'm convinced that Portugal is the secret pearl of Europe for vacations. This time I'd narrow our destinations to Lisbon, Sintra, and Salema - a beach town.
  7. An East Coast run around - D.C./Virginia to visit Jen and Dave if they're still living there this summer, NYC to see the new babies in the family, Connecticut to see Steve Francia, and Maine to rendezvous with the Jensens.
  8. Italy - especially Sicily.  John has been. I have not.  We need to even this out. 
  9. Belize - they speak English there and there are manatees.  I repeat, there are manatees.


Adrianna said...

You have a place to stay if you choose Washington! We are planning on exploring the Olympic National Forest when the weather warms up a bit.

Emily said...

All of these sound great!! (sigh) Love the pictures too.

holtkamp said...

even though we've had an especially nice winter (it was 65 today) i am always making travel plans too. top of our list is iceland/scotland. all of your picks sound amazing but most especially i am rooting for the east coast!

Kristen said...

That sounds like a great list. But admit it, you want to see if John will sparkle like Edward. ;)

Melinda said...

Haha! I don't know if he'll sparkle, but I'm sure to be blinded!