Sunday, February 5, 2012

A Very Important Date

John's good friend Steve Francia was in town with his wife Winter for the weekend. We met up at the Antique Mall in Sugar House because one of Winter's friends was shopping for wedding decorations. That place was so cool! Over priced, but very cool. There were a lot of pretty colored glass items, tea cups, old broken cameras, a leather corn husker, and other nicknacks.

I got a set of red dessert plates because, in my mind, socializing will one day be like a Jane Austen novel where you pop over to your well-dressed friend's house for tea and cake. And everyone will just happen to have some good cake on hand. So in preparation for this time I thought it best to have some nice plates ready.

Somehow John managed to not get any pictures of Steve and Winter. I guess that means we'll just have to get some by visiting them back East!

* The puzzle picture had to come off just in case any students or parents stopped by.  I can just see the district accusations now.


Amanda said...

Oooo! So, I may or may not have a love affair with glass (specifically Depression glass... mainly vaseline, green and pink, but I've got some other random pieces thrown in). Your plates... How old are they? Are they ruby glass? Show us a picture!

Kristen said...

We should start a "tea" group. Where we all meet and have cake and only talk of hearsay and gossip about the townsfolk.

Melinda said...

@Amanda there was a bunch of depression glass there! So pretty! The plates aren't very old. They were made in 1975 and are part of the Avon Cape Cod collection. I don't think they're real ruby glass. I'll post pictures soon. Here's a link about the collection: