Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Science and Waffles

This was our President's day celebration.  Since the LeMaistres are basically like our couple twin out here - she's a geology major and he's a math major, and just look at our crazy to pronounce French last names - we carpooled up to the newly opened Utah Natural History Museum and geeked out.  They really did a fabulous job with the exhibits and I was impressed at how interactive it was for kids.  I am already trying to make plans to take my students there on a field trip.  One word of caution: do not, NOT smell the rotting dinosaur meat scent button! It truly smells like fecal matter and if you are dumb enough to open your mouth when the button is pushed (ahem, like me) it will feel like you are eating fecal matter.  The other scent buttons are pretty safe.  Well, maybe not the fetid forest.  John said that also smelled like poo.

After perusing bones, butterflies and minerals we had a hearty lunch at Bruges Waffles and Frites.  We stuffed ourselves! If I could only eat waffles with creme fraiche everyday. Josh ordered a machine gun sandwich and that was also super tasty.  Since Caputos was just next door we also browsed the market and sampled cheese and chocolates. 

I think we all agreed that science and waffles mix really well.

* Yes, I am licking the rock salt in that picture. No you are not supposed to do that. We had to be certain it was real.


Emily said...

Looks perfect and fun except for the poo. Great pictures too!

Katie Groneman said...

Pretty sure they were in my ward at Wymount... I think I borrowed cocoa from her once :)

I need to make Brett take me to the museum on a date sometime - we're nerds like that.

Miriam L. said...
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Miriam L. said...

Dang - I made a grammatical error in my first comment, and I couldn't bear to let it be. Plus, if my mother ever found out I left it, she would disown me.

If any of your students have any doubts about your dedication to science, please show them the picture of you licking the halite. They will be equally grossed out and impressed.

And I love that your picture of your waffle has a nice little fork indent in the creme fraiche already! You definitely have your priorities in order.

Katie - you were in our ward! I don't remember you borrowing cocoa though. I hope whatever you made was delicious!