Monday, February 13, 2012

Hot Springs

To bathe or not to bathe in warm but sketchy looking waters? My wellies lived up to their full potential as they survived mucking about in ankle deep slime, keeping my feet dry. I think John needs a pair for our adventures. He was wearing a pair of Asics! Not so cool.

My Dad and John's mom both mentioned that there used to be a Saratoga swimming resort built around other hot springs in the area.  With the help of some internet research, all signs seem to point to the original resort now being privately owned. 


Emily said...

Love these pictures! What a fun adventure. :)

whitney allison said...

I'm pretty sure that it is just owned by an HOA. I have a friend from Thanksgiving Point that lives out there and invites us to come swimming all the time...but we never seem to go! Anyway...if it's the same place we're talking about it's basically become the neighborhood swimming pool for some lucky 'hood in Saratoga.

Mary said...

So interesting! I wish they still had that resort open to the public! It sounds cool.