Thursday, January 19, 2012

Winter Survival 2012

There have been a lack of product posts on here for a long while because when I find something that I like, I stick with it (Nars velvet lip gloss pencils and blush, anything Laura Mercier, drugstore mascara). Despite this, I still haven't quite adapted to the mountain west winters and am constantly on the look out for products that prevent death by dessication during the cold months.

I like trying new lotions. Usually it's for fragrance, but during the winter I could smell like cough drops and I wouldn't care as long as whatever I'm using makes it so I don't scratch my back until it bleeds. John got me a giant bottle of this for Christmas.  It's like custard, but with no real fragrance.  So far it's the only thing I've found that moisturizes enough to prevent itchiness.

My mom used to get the whole Clinique 3-step kit and I'd always bum off her free gift with purchase. I still have a lipstick or two that I scavenged out of her trash can when I was a teenager. Anyway, the superbalm isn't sticky and unlike most shiny formulas, it actually does keep your lips hydrated. I like the black honey color the best.

My winter shampoo of choice is still Bumble and Bumble Quench, but I like to use a once a week switch to act as a sort of deep cleanser and to change things up. I love this smell of this shampoo. It reminds me of Thai coconut sticky rice which is one of my favorite desserts. I've read before that if you're going to skimp somewhere, shampoo is the product to do it on and conditioner is the place to splurge. Is that true?

So, this is a bit of a splurge, but so much better than split ends, broken hair shafts, and static flyaways. I used to have Bumble's Creme de Coco, but this new line is a lot lighter and doesn't weigh hair down once it's dried.

I just found this at Hip and Humble up in Sugar House. The initial attraction was due to the rabbit on the packaging, but it was the scent, which is like a buttery marshmallow, that hooked me. Actually, on the box it says it's supposed to smell like a mixture of lavender and mint julep. Is that what people think a rabbit smells like? I was using some Johnson's baby lotion for my hands at night and in the morning and I think it was making John sick.  I guess he doesn't like the smell of babies. I switched to this and we're both a little happier. The whole Farm House Fresh line has lots of yummy scents - blueberry milk bath, caramel cream lotion, and whoopie pie hand cream!


holtkamp said...

i'm a little hesitant too when it comes to new products just because i have my favorites. i'll have to check out the bumble and bumble you posted!

Emily said...

I will have to check out the bumble and bumble too. I am so sick of weighed down but still staticky hair! Love the bunny packaging. :) We've been using Gold Bond Ultimate (makes us sound like old people ha) in the winter and it's great. Low odor, low grease, and it actually works.

molly said...

I used to really like the creme de corps, but it goes rancid faster than I can use it. All Keihl's, except for the the ultimate strength hand salve and superbly efficient antiperspirant & deodorant cream are out of my life.

For lotion, I put on a little organic coconut oil right after a shower. It keeps my skin hydrated and SO soft.