Monday, January 16, 2012


This is another of our efforts to play outside more this year.  After stopping for a nutritious lunch of french fries and a raspberry cheesecake shake, we made our way to the Great Salt Lake.

One thing we discovered while wandering is that people entertain themselves with some interesting hobbies. There were a few groups of hunters shooting seagulls at the shore. There was another large group parked around a remote rock outcropping. We were very confused about why there were so many cars there, and where all the people were. We found them on the other side of the rock, driving remote controlled cars up large rocks. There were courses outlined with mini cones and several judges hovering with clip boards. There were no girls.

The trip wasn't as lovely as I had hoped. Salt Lake suffers from a murky layer of pollution during this time of year.  Without any snow, the landscape is a rather uniform brown. The shoreline was littered with dead birds. We speculated about the source of the birds. John first said that they might be from the airport. Then we thought it might have been from the hunters. We later found out that the carcasses are from an outbreak of avian cholera in 2007.

Dinner afterwards consisted of hot chocolate to warm up and cinnamon waffles with creme fraiche and strawberries at Bruges.

Finally, we headed home, and curled up under blankets to watch "The Grocer's Son", a french film, mostly set in the French countryside. It confounded the often romanticized view of France: Paris, baguettes, striped boat-necks, and romantic trysts. Instead it focused on working class characters and dying towns filled with the elderly. We appreciated the honest view, and enjoyed the story of family conflicts and their simple life.


molly said...

There were no girls. HAHAHA. You're so funny.

holtkamp said...

dead birds?! creepy! how was bruges? i've heard so many good things about it (we haven't been though...yet)

Becca said...

oh my goodness, i think you're right about the sea hare! thank you so much!!

B.Mori said...

hi this is leah love the pics hope you are doing well we'll have to come and visit soon