Wednesday, January 11, 2012

New Year

I think we covered all the bases this year: good food, good friends, and family.

We started the night with dinner at Spicy Korea with John and Mary and their darling twins. There was luscious bulgolgi and bim bim bap.

We ended it with a visit to the Nashes and new baby Vaughn.

The next day we were invited to my cousin's house for Japanese food. New Year's day is a bigger celebration than New Year's Eve in a lot of Asian cultures. I loved the sashimi! I'm standing next to my Aunty Meg (in purple). She is amazing! She's turning 91 this year and she walks faster than I can and has flawless skin.  She also bowls a 150. I hope I age as gracefully as she has.


Emily said...

How fun! Can't believe your aunt is 91!

holtkamp said...

holy christmas tree in the nash mansion!!!

Melinda said...

I know right?! That thing was like a Christmas monster of dreams! There may even have been a squirrel living in it still!