Monday, January 9, 2012

Hans Brinker Style

I'm working backwards with photos again. We went skating with the nephews and Sarah while we were in Denver. Correction, I went ice skating. John refuses to do anything that has the word skate in it, so he sat on the side lines and read a book. Mary was skating fast like a pro. I was slower, but still steady.

Nowadays they have these ingenious contraptions of bent metal so that the younger children can skate and not fall. I wish they had them when I was growing up. My mom made us take skating lessons so falling wasn't ever a problem, but still, it's scary on the ice when you're little. It's also scary if you're big according to John.


Christy Lee Nielson said...

I love skating!! How fun is that! You look so cute in your pix too!

holtkamp said...

i'm with john on this one - i do not like ice skating! (or roller skating for that matter)