Sunday, January 8, 2012

Fresh Air

One of my constant yearnings is to be outside in nature. There is something so soothing to the soul to be surrounded by nothing but the quiet of plants and animals.

Saturday we finally got snow in Utah.  It felt fresh and clean. We headed up the mountains on the east side of the valley and enjoyed the icy river, pine trees, and putting the first tracks down in the white terrain.

After the snowy tromp we headed to Trolley Square to check out the new Sam Weller's location and ran into the long lines for the Sundance film festival box office (totally forgot that was coming up).  It was tempting to get some tickets, but neither of us really were motivated to queue up with the crowds.  So, we pet the dogs that were there for adoption and browsed books instead.  Dinner was a mixed kebab and shawarma at O'Falafel.

Later that night we watched Deeply, an old Kirsten Dunst movie that my sister and I had watched on TV once.  The Nova Scotia setting was pretty, but that was about it.  Neither of us could stomach the terrible accents. Overall we'll say it was indie before indie could be done well.


Emily said...

Love these pictures and making the first tracks. :) Dinner sounds so good!

holtkamp said...

nice snowed here today :( but i guess i can't complain since it's the first snow of the winter and we are in january!

Adrianna said...

Gorgeous photos!