Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Black and White and Grain

Remember that old roll of film I mentioned? Well, here's the rest of it. I was playing around with some Ilford Delta 3200 for the first time. I don't know if I like the amount of grain it gives but it was liberating not having to lug my flash around.

Nohea and Jed at Brick Oven for a get-together to see Tony, Adrianna, and Oliver.

Jed listens raptly to Rick's story about a tribe that hunts whales by launching men with spears at them.

Amanda and Branden at the Bed and Breakfast we stayed at in Jackson Hole.

John in a vest.

Memorial Day flags, Sandy.

Pomegranate I ate after using it as a prop for jewelry shots.

Aunty Meg's 90th birthday at Cafe Trio.

Those divine bread sticks they have at the Pizza Factory that are actually on sticks.

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holtkamp said...

i really like these mel, especially the one of amanda and branden and you and the flags. pizza factory breadsticks sound really good now too...