Friday, December 30, 2011

Night Before Christmas

Before I say anything, I want to mention that I do see all those horrid stripes on my photos. I think there's a annual curse at Walgreens where I get my Christmas pictures screwed up by their fickle machine. It's partly my fault because I get excited to see my photos and go to the fastest, cheapest place possible for processing. Next time, all the time, pro lab, PRO LAB MELINDA!!! Maybe I need to make that my New Year's resolution.

Back to happier things: Christmas Eve day was a shuffle of cooking (me - orange glaze for the yams and John eggnog), setting up, and wrapping presents.  The LeSueur tradition is to have the major holiday festivities on Christmas eve.  We had a delicious dinner, talent show where the nephews played piano pieces they have been working on, and the traditional carols that we play on Mary's set of custom made chimes.  We were so good we almost rivaled the BYU bell tower! At least until the end. 

Also, I've been binging so much on Downton Abbey lately that I got really excited to set the table for Christmas dinner.  I started pretending to be Carson and tried to line the forks and spoons up at the proper distance from the table. Ha! Well, we had chargers and a lot of people, so it didn't quite have the same effect.


Nash said...

So i wouldn't have even noticed the lines had you not said anything, and that's saying something...Glad to hear Christmas was good.

holtkamp said...

did you play 'stars and stripes' or 'liebestraum'? :)