Sunday, January 1, 2012

Hunkering Down

One of the things I've been looking forward to the most after the holidays is nestling down in some blankets and not emerging until winter is over. That's not completely true because I get anxious if I'm inside for too long so I'm sure I'll punctuate the winter months with outdoor ramblings through sage brush and wooded glens. Also, this winter has been exceptionally mild so I may survive it better than I have in the past.  For the down times though . . .

I would like to wear this top

 and maybe these pants.

In this relaxed ensemble I would like to do the following:

1.  Finish reading the last Harry Potter book and start a new book. I don't know exactly what to read next.  I try to do a classic every other book I read, but that HP series has had me occupied for awhile.  Suggestions have been Alloy of Law and Hunger Games (John), Girl with a Dragon Tattoo (Michelle), Sarah's Key (Mom), Far from the Madding Crowd, The Sound and the Fury, Jude the Obscure, Anna Karenina, and The Brother Karamazov. The last ones are books I have started but have not finished or have been on the to-read list for awhile.

2. Drink tea - It will be steaming cinnamon or mint herbal in the giant white mug that my sister got me for my wedding. I would be willing to venture out for a date at the Tea Grotto or the Beehive Tea Room. Sitting in a dark corner with Chinese lanterns hanging overhead, sipping water out of ruby colored Moroccan glassware, and leaning against silk pillows wouldn't be too strenuous.

 3. Bake cinnamon sugar or gingerbread cookies and have them with my tea.

4. Watch some movies - we just finished season 2 of Downton Abbey so I need some thing to replace that until September.

5. Take long baths. I like my bathwater hot, as in practically burning the skin hot. I usually don't like candy sweet smelling bath soaks and prefer herbal concoctions.  Give me some rosemary mint salts and a wash cloth to cover my face and it will be euphoric.

6. Gaze out of large windows onto a snowy forest scene. I dream of having a yard that bleeds into a pine forest with foxes and rabbits that peak out. This will not be fulfilled from the view of our own windows, but I had a taste of it visiting my in-laws in Colorado.  I think we spent the better part of an hour watching a family of deer from the kitchen.

7. Sit down with my sketch book.  I want to draw and color.  I've been wanting some Prisma colored pencils.  I also plan on rewriting my ornithology notes on birds of prey and illustrating them for birding adventures.  We have an excellent area nearby for spotting hawks and kestrels.

8. Book a massage.  Just because it would be awesome.

*Images from TOAST and J. Crew.


Emily said...

That sounds perfect. :)

holtkamp said...

i love those socks in the first picture! the rest of your winter plans sound amazing...i will probably do some as well although it's not that cold here :) you and dave do the same thing with reading - read a classic in between other books - great idea!

are you considering taking up figure drawing again?!

Melinda said...

Yeah, I always realize that there are a ton of classics I kind of know about but haven't actually read. That's cool that Dave does the same thing. And maybe I should start figure drawing again. But I'd need a some naked people. Lots and lots of naked people!

Adrianna said...

Everything on your list sounds heavenly. It makes me want to send Tony and Oliver away for a week and just relax!