Friday, December 9, 2011

For the love of food

I relate to this so much. Call it pride, perfectionism, a love of food, whatever:

"I am looking forward to going to parties where you have to bring food. Then you show up, and food destroy everyone. What does food destroy mean you ask? It means your food tastes better and looks better than what everyone else brought. You know it, and they all know it. The girl that brought the gross orange looking dip will stare you down because her casserole dish of nastiness is still in tact while your stuff is gone. This may seem childish and stupid, but whatever. Its my thing, and yes, I secretly judge you as a person for whatever food you bring to a party. So I encourage you all to go to parties with the intent to food destroy everyone."    - Teri Lyn Fisher from Bacon Fork Spoon

By the way, food I am craving and hoping to eat this weekend:
  1. Pad Priaw Waan from Bangkok Grill
  2. Spicy pork bulgolgi from Spicy Corea, along with all those delicious sides (kimchi cucumbers, sprouts, the potatoes, THE POTATOES!!)
  3. Blue Bunny cookies and cream ice cream - my Organic Chem professor, who was a retired chemist for Dupont, always told us that the best and creamiest ice creams were the slightly cheaper brands. None of this Breyers, Dreyers, Ben and Jerry's stuff. 
Here's to food and cooking and eating well!


Emily said...

That quote is hilarious! I always try to make my food look good but there are some serious professionals around here and it's a good challenge. :) Your list of food sounds really good. Blue Bunny is actually one of our favorite ice creams.

Anne said...

That is so funny, I gotta say I totally relate!

Kristen said...

I challenge myself to be a food destroyer. I could have written every word of that.

holtkamp said...

food destroy! ha, ha! your weekend food sounds amazing. unfortunately, i haven't been able to eat much spicy food lately (without consuming a large amount of tums!) but thai does sound good!

i wish your chem professor would have revealed the magical face cleanser.

molly said...

Hilarious and terrible. Just like I like 'em.