Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Dusty Paperbacks

I've been swamped lately and I can tell it's definitely taken a toll on my photography. I realized I need to get out and shoot for me more often. I need to make time for it, like setting some Saturdays aside just for shooting, or weeks will go by I won't have picked up a camera. Then it starts to feel like part of me has been amputated. Anyway, I sent in some film (some of it shot back in February!) and got it back today. So, Valentines Day 2011. . .

Sam Weller's

1930's pulp fiction.

John looking bored, which is strange because bookstores are his happy place.

Savory rack of lamb at Em's.


Kristen said...

I love Sam Weller's - used to go there often when I lived on South Temple. Can you believe that I found an old U of U yearbook from the 30's there for $15? Best part was it had my grandpa's picture in it, that was the only semester he was able to go to college before the depression hit. I felt like I struck gold that day!

Melinda said...

Kristen, that is so cool! I really need to hunt around in there sometime. It's such a fun place!

holtkamp said...

i've heard lots about sam wellers but haven't ever been. looks amazing though. both dave and i are suckers for books.