Friday, November 18, 2011



Fire Drill and lost teaching time
Standing outside in 40 degree weather with crazy wind and thousands of kids while the drill finishes
Feces of the canine kind. In the classroom. The stench and the chaos. Gross.
Seeing the horror on women's faces after I dropped and cracked open a nice bottle of OPI at the nail salon.
Seeing some of that nail polish splash on my jeans and the rest splatter all over the floor.


Being able to pay kids in Jolly Ranchers to clean up poo
A sparkly aubergine color on my toes
Being dipped in paraffin wax on a cold day
Delicious red curry, roasted coconut juice, and mango sticky rice at Bangkok Grill
Happy and uplifting conversations with Angelica and Laura


Emily said...

Oh my. What a gross nay list! Good thing there were some yeas.

ThingsISayOutloud said...

Ugh! I totally dropped and smashed a bottle of OPI polish the last time I was at the salon! SO EMBARRASSED!

It splashed all over my jeans as well. :(

holtkamp said...

how did dog poo get in your classroom?