Wednesday, November 9, 2011


"Candy apple" red laquer, sleek and sexy: the limited edition Pentax 645D Japan.  This camera is hot stuff, at least in the looks category. I haven't found a reviewer that's actually tested it yet. It's also supposed to be a relative bargin ($9,995).

I think these Lomography La Sardina toy cameras are cute and would be a perfect niece, nephew, or friend gift. They take 35mm film which can be developed at your local Walgreens.  Here's a review.

The SoCal mantra they taught us in elementary school: reduce, reuse, recycle. Film USB drives.


Anne said...

Wow Shiny Camera! I wish Nikons came in red! Love the film USB drive, so creative and nostalgic at the same time!

Emily said...

That is one pretty camera!!