Wednesday, November 23, 2011


Random, and obviously poor quality, pictures we pulled off of John's I-pod.

Christmas 2010. The dress I loved but didn't keep.

Skirt that didn't win John's approval.

Haircut I liked off an H&M Poster at the mall.

A book John thought of reading.

Cholo John.  


Bed and linens I liked at the Emporium. And . . .

Christmas 2010 My Melody dance with Leah's hat and fur vest.

Looking through these we noticed that apple gadgets seem to be most useful to us when shopping, especially in dressing rooms. Or in John's case, waiting outside the dressing room for reading to assuage boredom.


Emily said...

Love the dance. :) These are fun!

Nash said...

I agree, the dance is great! You should be sure to pull that one out the next time we have a get together

angie said...

I approve of that skirt! I love it. :)
I was just going through a year's worth of iPhone photos this morning thinking I need to do an end-of-year blog post with them.

I have SOOO many dressing room photos from the times that Jim stayed home and I send photos asking for his opinion...

B.Mori said...

hi this is leah and u left for the airport about a few minutes ago and first thanks for saying leah and coming second i put a new lilies of lace post for you1