Sunday, November 27, 2011

Primary Sources

According to my interviews with several teenagers over the Thanksgiving break, the following things are not cool to the younger crowd:

  1. Turtle Necks.  Apparently wearing one to school is social suicide because it means you're either a weird nerd, weird Asian, or will "look like an old person".
  2. Big Time Rush. A Nickelodeon show about the lives of some teens.  They also have a band that is so terrible that even kids hate it.
  3. Cos play.  Short for costume play where people dress up as anime characters and hang out in costume.  You have the option of either going all out or going "casual" The sample group was actually divided on this one.
  4. Justin Bieber.  I was surprised how much he was hated, even by the younger ones.  Faces of pure disgust showed up as soon as his name was mentioned and some strongly believed that he did impregnate some lady. 

On the flip side, some things that were heartily approved of included:
  1. Bruno Mars, Selena Gomez, and the new stuff by *Maroon 5. These were mostly appreciated by the younger ones.
  2. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3.  If you don't play this you may not reach full manhood.
  3. Japanese candy, Boba drinks, and ramen.  This may be just because it is my family, but teenagers at my middle school and church also rave about Japanese candy (Hi-chew and Pocky). 
  4. Converse Chuck Taylors, low and hi tops.  I think almost everyone at every age in my family has a pair.  I almost packed my nieces because we have the same exact black low-tops that are severely worn-in.  Also approved across the ages: Lord of the Rings. We watched Two Towers and Return of the King and played our tradition round of LTR Monopoly.
*Any time Maroon 5 is mentioned, all I can think of is this SNL skit which incidentally features Natalie Portman. Click here to download.


    holtkamp said...

    i've heard a lot of buzz about h-chews lately all over, looks like they've just been 'discovered' :)

    B.Mori said...

    cool this is leah i miss you and cos Play is awesome