Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Pie in the Sky Oh My!

When you have seventeen people attending your family feast, all of whom have the ability to cook, you get an awesome variety of food! We had quite the dessert spread this year. There were two apple pies, a pumpkin, cherry cream cheese, buttermilk, and 7 layer bars all made from scratch and by hand (including all those incredible leaves on Beth's apple pie)! I was in dessert heaven.  The downside is that when you have those same seventeen people to share with, the goods go fast and it can turn into a competition to get the last piece of your favorite pie.  I gave John the buttermilk pie recipe I used earlier this month, and because it was a new pie to our family, it went quickly and John got all the praise.  Maybe I was just a little jealous!


Emily said...


KM said...

Those pies look amazing! Did you make them!?

p.s. you need to start a photography blog! Your pics are amazing!

holtkamp said...

i love pie and these all look amazing!

molly said...

Those look gorgeous. And delicious.

And I think you're cool too! I'm glad we've got a mutual thing going on here, lady!!