Wednesday, November 16, 2011

J. Crew Holiday Catalog 2011

Lately I've been trying to create Christmas gift lists for others. Not only is this helpful to avoid the end of December shopping rush, but it's also good so I don't get into the selfish/materialistic me, me, me mode when it comes to presents. Funny how that's a weakness for all ages. I do love Christmas, family time and the warm feelings it brings, but it makes me a little sick to see all the reckless spending. I sometimes wish for a simpler holiday where everyone gets just a few thoughtful things.  John and I have been musing with the idea of giving our future children 3 gifts only: a book, an item of clothing, a toy, and then stocking stuffers of candy and other kitsch. 

Ah, anyway, I digress. In juxtaposition to the above sentiments, I also wrote this to confess I always get super excited when the J.Crew Holiday catalog comes out.  I save them every year because, growing up in Southern California,  I struggle with putting together winter outfits and the catalog gives me some good inspiration. So, I indulged myself a little and made a list of favorites. 

Still looking for the perfect red coat. Maybe this will be it?

I need some long sleeved shirts for work. I'm liking the polka dots, tartan, and the gingham, but in black.

These are my colors! Yay! I'm talking about black, white, red, navy, and grey. I'm also trying to like shocking pink, but I haven't found much in that color.  It's one of the few pinks that are supposed to look good on cool tones.

These are pretty!


Emily said...

Love your gifting philosophy, those polka dots, and that you get styling inspiration from JCrew. I have no winter style. ha. Also, I really like your color choices b/c they work for me too, so keep them coming. ;)

Kristen said...

I love your choices! That black tartan shirt is darling!

As for the kids presents - smart to start from the get go, something to read, something they need and something they want. It's too late for us and scaling back is hard after you've gone overboard!

holtkamp said...

i love those bangles