Monday, October 10, 2011


Good news! We busted out our cameras this weekend. Hallelujah! It's been too long! I am also expecting files of the family pictures we took for Whitney a couple weeks ago.

I think one way to solve my shooting dilemma is to get a purse that can hold my flash and film.  Since we both work, we don't get out much during the day.  Most of our activities are at night and having a place to store the hunk of plastic when we go out would be encouraging. I am really loving the looks of *this bag and think it would do the job nicely.

 The second problem is that I can never make up my mind about which camera to take with me.  The 35mm Pentax with color film? The 35mm Pentax with BW film? The Mamiya with medium format film? Ahhh!

*Update: took a look at this in person at the store and it was pretty ugly. First, it was too big for me.  The elastic top looked cheap, and the leather made it look like an elephant's foot. I can cross this item off my wish list. 


Emily said...

Glad you got out! I like the bag. :) I also like Jo's Camera totes but don't know if there's enough room for extra film. . . .

Nash said...

Hey Mel, so I think having a bag that will hold your camera etc, is a great idea. You could always go with a bag like mine from LowePro that looks and act like a normal bag, but also will hold a camera and some of its equipment. But glad to hear you finally got out and took some pics.