Friday, October 14, 2011

Lindseth Family

John knows Whitney back from his days at BYU. After our first few dates, John would head over to talk to Whitney at the Fish Bowl to do some post date analysis.  I'm guessing the conclusion was good because we were engaged a few months later.  Whitney is now married to Shawn and they have a super cute family with two pretty much perfectly behaved children.  I think I need to go to Whitney for wardrobe consultation when my own family gets their pictures taken.  I loved the color palette she created for her family's outfits!


Emily said...

Awww- great pictures and story. I do like how the outfits are coordinated but not matchy. Your family portraits are really awesome. I think I need you need to take ours. . . . :)

whitney allison said...

Yay! Love them ALL!

beckie said...

great job! I love the one of the tiny baby shoe