Sunday, October 16, 2011

Halloween Countdown: Movies

I'm not good at watching really scary movies.  I think it's because my imagination runs wild, especially when I'm alone. I tend to steer towards movies with a Gothic feel rather than a terrifying one for Halloween.  Here are some that I like:

A favorite.

Cute and I like the dieselpunk theme. 

 High school English memories. 

Teen angst.

This one isn't out yet, but I'm curious to see how Daniel Radcliffe does in a role other than Harry Potter. But, it might be too scary for me.

I also think I need to watch some Hitchcock. I haven't seen any. I know that is lame. Any movie suggestions for a whimp like myself?


holtkamp said...

we were just talking about which halloween movies we're going to watch! we've thought about 'the nightmare before christmas', 'edward scissorhands' and 'beetle juice'. i'm not into anything too scary either. the ring did it for me!

Emily said...

I'm not in to super scary movies either. I've never seen that version of Sleepy Hollow. One of the older ones is pretty classic though. I really like "A Series of Unfortunate Events" and am also curious about "The Woman in Black." I've still never seen the movies Jen suggested. We really liked "Coraline" and "Monster House" and the very not scary "Pooh Heffalump Halloween Movie" (can't remember the exact title, sorry).

Emily said...

PS "The Village" is also good, if you haven't seen it. As far as Hitchcock movies, I'm not really an expert but I've seen North by Northwest, Vertigo, and the Birds. I am curious about a few on this list though- especially 39 Steps.

renee jennifer said...

Ever since I was younger I'd always watch that Sabrina movie that was on abc family's halloween movies countdown. It was made before the Sabrina the Teenage Witch series, and they actually have it on netflix too! heres the link:

<3 Renee

Melinda said...

Thanks for the suggestions! I'll have to try some of these! And maybe I'll brave a scary one this year, just not The Ring!

Nash said...

I would have to say you need to watch the Birds, the Birds 2, and Rear window. Those are classic hitchcock and should be seen by everyone.

Kristen said...

I don't do scary either - but those are some really good titles you suggested. I saw the Woman in Black in London - it's one of (if not the) oldest running production on the West End. It was a good scary!!

beckie said...

You haven't seen any Hitchcock! Melinda, for shame. Start with Rear Window, Birds or Vertigo, those are my favorites.

The Craft! Takes me back. Remember that scene where they peel her scars off and then she comes to school and all the guys think she's hot? I do.