Friday, October 28, 2011

Halloween Countdown: Activities

If you're not feeling it, you've got just a couple days left. Here are a few things to do to put you in the Halloween spirit:

The Traditional: 
  • Hayride - I just like the horses.
  • Corn maze - I've never really enjoyed these.
  • Haunted houses
  • Apple picking
  • Buy or make a costume - here are some of my ideas.  I decided to stop fighting the color wheel (I looked terrible one year with as Alice with a blond wig!) and went with things that could meld well with raven tresses and my skin tone.
  • Pumpkin or apple foods and desserts - I always go for a Pumpkin Smash Jamba Juice and have been trying some of these recipes.
  • Drive to take in the fall leaves
The Adventurous:
  • Tell ghost stories in a creepy place - a graveyard at night, in the forest, castle park. Include candles and hot chocolate. 
  • Visit haunted places - old houses, caves, etc. Bring a flashlight or lantern, fingerless gloves, and a hoodie.  In Portugal we visited an old manor in Sintra (Quinta de Regaliera) that has creepy underground semi-aquatic caves that are related to Masonry.  In San Diego you can find writing from Satanist cults in the large sewer tunnels.  Sewer tunnels are unsafe though and too scary for me.
  • Star gaze while reading the myths behind the constellations. Hot chocolate, cider, blanket.
  • Fall picnic - thermos of soup, crusty bread, cheese, apples, and cinnamon cookies. Wear cozy sweaters and boots.Take some pictures that look like these by one of my favorite commercial photographers.

For the whole shebang: Go trick-of-treating with some kids! But don't join a group of kids you don't know.  It is likely you will induce stranger danger fear and you may end up getting chased out by angry parents. Also, don't ask for candy at doorsteps (the wrong kind of nerd) and don't dress up in a white sheet with eye holes and a pointy top .  That happened at a Utah high school last year.

* I was hoping to put up a more artistic photo, but since I wasn't feeling very well last week, we never made it out to the forests, orchards, fields, etc. So, this picture from last year's pumpkin patch will have to suffice.


holtkamp said...

i really like that first isager picture with the dead corn - very creepy...i remember getting lost in some stupid corn maze in utah county ha!

Emily said...

Cool activities except for the sewer. Those are creepy. Glad you linked something of yours on Pinterest. Now I can follow you. :) Hope you feel better!!!