Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Surprise Trip to Denver

For Labor Day weekend John and I took a spur of the moment trip to Denver as a surprise to John's parents for their 40th wedding anniversary.  It was fun to have the whole family together again.  We ate a lot of delicious food (probably too much!), I combed and braided a lot of Barbie hair, and we got to talk and relax with some of the people we love the most.Unfortunately, our trip was short and we didn't get as many pictures as we would have liked. These are the few that John managed to take.

We stayed at John's older sister, Stephanie' house the night we flew in.  In the morning everyone met at the *Original Pancake House for the big surprise.  John's mom was so happily shocked she ran across the parking lot when she first glimpsed Carl and CK.

Then we ate a lot of good breakfast food! Apple pancakes, eggs Benedict, bacon, lemon poppy seed blueberry compote Belgian waffles.

And omelets. I could eat breakfast food for every meal.

I played with my niece Sarah and did a new hairstyle for each of her Barbies.  She seems to think I'm good at this (kids have that way of making you feel cool) when in reality I can't even do my own hair any other way besides straight. I had short hair my whole life until I was 21. .

John taught our nephew, Matthew how to download Linux and other computer science geek stuff. 

Other things which we didn't capture: More hanging out time and the wonderful anniversary celebration dinner at a steak house down town. 

I've realized that since my photo class ended, and teaching started again, I haven't picked up my cameras very much.  I've been creating lesson schedules and writing worksheets, memorizing 200 + names and faces, and trying to fit in exercise and homemade dinners in between.  Then I've been passing out at night with Harry Potter clutched in my hands. This is no excuse though! Maybe I just need to start bringing my littlest camera to school and somehow avoid taking pictures of any of the kids' faces.

*It was not IHOP.  After the recent shooting and recalling the opening scene of Pulp Fiction I'm starting to wonder about the safety of such places.  But then again, just the words pancake house bring golden buttery rays of warmth to my soul.


Emily said...

FUN! Glad you went!!

holtkamp said...

surprises are the best! loooove OHOP! after hearing IHOP in the news all day yesterday after that shooting it made me want to go there even more (which we ended up doing). stuffed french toast...yum...