Thursday, September 8, 2011


Shabby Apple's new fall line of dresses, skirts, and blouses came out yesterday! I have my eye on a good number of them that I think are darling and will work well for teaching, church, dates, and everyday wear.  The campus photo shoot creates the perfect mood for the season and the green house pictures remind me of the Harry Potter mandrake scene.   Speaking of which, my friend Jen found a recipe for Butterbeer!You bet I'll be trying that soon!

Quick question: Can I pull off that apple green color? I wonder if the yellow-ish tones of that particular shade of green would make my yellow-ish toned skin look sallow.  Opinions? Usually I try and stick with blue-greens.


Emily said...

Mmm butterbeer! Love your picks. :) I say try the green on- it's super hard to tell just by looking at a computer monitor.

Nash said...

I would say as long as you walk around with a hose or watering bucket in your hand so you can always pour water out and pose like that, you should go for it. :-) Even if you can't you should still try it.

John said...

Actually, you'd be surprised how often Melinda walks around the house with a watering bucket in her hand, posing in doorways. It gets so you can't walk around the house without trying to squeeze past.