Friday, August 19, 2011

Tahoe: Lounging at The North Star Resort

The cabin my family stayed in was part of a series of houses that had access to a nearby resort. 

James and Dave played tennis.

Andre made everyone under the umbrella read aloud to him.  Here Thaddeus reads the first chapter of Harry Potter with much gusto. I've finally started reading the series.  I've rebelled all these years.

Pentax ZX-5, f1.4 lens,Kodak Ektar 100. Developed at Nichols and scanned at Walgreens.


holtkamp said...

i hope there was no poo in the pool! we haven't gone in a public pool since...but more importantly, i'm so glad you're finally reading harry potter :)

Emily said...

Did you read Twilight before Harry Potter?!!?

Melinda said...

Yes, because someone gave me a copy to read first! Looks like the Twilight fans are more dedicated in conversion efforts than the HP fans.

Melinda said...

Oh and nothing brown in the pool this time :) I haven't gone back in our Townhouse pool since that incident!