Monday, August 29, 2011

Tahoe: Huge Family Dinners

This is the last of the vacation pictures. Since this was a reunion with the extended family, we got together at night for food and games. It was a BIG crowd. My Dad is the youngest of eight. All these pictures are a bit noisy since John used ISO 1600 on all of them with no flash. I am wishing I took them on BW film.

Auntie Meg.  It was her 90th birthday this year and the reunion was held in her honor as she is the oldest living member of the Mori family. She is amazingly spry and can walk faster than me!

The older generation.

One of the nights the kids made homemade ice cream.

James let me taste some

The second night we had a program that honored Auntie Meg.

My father with some of my aunts and uncles who came.

We played a mean game of Disney Apples to Apples.  Hannah Montana was the trump card.

Andre with his "adoptive" daughters.  We were trying to make the kids choose between us and the Soto family.  Andre started promising things like large weapons, puppies, and hefty allowances and John was not paying attention to the bids, so I think we lost.


holtkamp said...

was uncle FLYOD there?! what about the aunt that picked us up from the trax station in the middle of the night?!

Melinda said...

Yes, they were both there! I always wonder what Aunty Irene thinks of me after that Rancid/trax incident! That was so embarrassing!