Thursday, August 18, 2011

Tahoe: Day at the Lake

Now on to the next event. During the Mori family reunion we spent a day down by the lake.  The water was a lovely shade of blue, albeit freezing cold.  Most of us wadded around waist deep until everyone decided jet skiing would make things a lot more fun.  My mom, of all people, decided to join in the fun.  If you know my mom at all, she doesn't like the water and doesn't own a bathing suit despite growing up in Hawaii.  John took her out and said he heard her giggle!


The beach front in Tahoe is small because most of the shoreline is privately owned by various residences and resorts.  We liked Sandy beach because it had a lot of shady pine trees.


I think every Latter Day Saint girl on the continental US must have seen or have owned this suit from Down East.  I do love it though because 1) It's a modest tankini - I have a very long torso and one pieces give me constant hunch back and wedgies 2) The straps are attached to the top, not detachable - having a small chest actually makes it so swim tops fall down easily. I have many an embarrassing beach story to prove it 3) This specific color combo reminded me of Blues Clues.



I had to wear my converse in the water and sand to avoid pain from the uneven ground.


My sweet nieces: Claire, Lauren, and Leah.


During the lake activities, I was a little left out because I couldn't really get all the way in the water or ride the jet ski comfortably because of my broken toe.  I mostly snacked, read my nephew's book, and chatted to anyone who happened to stay on the shore with me.  In better news, I'm finally able to take off the ugly boot! I wore pointed flats on Sunday.  I tried shoving my foot into some heels but pain soon followed.  John thinks I'm vain, but in my defense, a shorter girl like me could use the extra height and some items of clothing, namely pencil skirts just don't look good with flats.

Shot on my Pentax ZX-5 with a f1.4 lens on Kodak Ektar 100.  I had the film developed with the batch I took into Nichols for my final. I took the final negatives and scanned them on SLCC machines and they turned out OK.  I then took these negatives home and scanned them on our home scanner and they turned out horrible! So, today I took them into Walgreens and they turned out a lot better.  Now, I just wish they would up their scanning resolution and I'd be on my way!  

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Emily said...

Your mom is awesome! I love that story. :) Glad you're out of your boot and I've surprisingly never seen that swim suit! It is SO cute!!