Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Photography Final Shoot 2: Lake Dancer

I'm home for a quick break from Girls Camp.  I have to attend a four hour team leader meeting tomorrow morning at the school, but I'll be back in the mountains within 24 hours. I'm having a wonderful time and can't wait to get back to the uplifting company and atmosphere!

This was also another idea I had been wanting to try for a long time. Rachel Barker was my first companion when I served my mission in Quezon City, Philippines. She is also a very talented modern dance major. I love how Rach moves. She is so graceful and energetic. You may recognize her from another project I did two years ago.

For this shoot we braved the flies and the heat and headed onto the shores of the Great Salt Lake. Rach was a such a good sport and even waded into the eerily warm water to dance for me. We had lots of tourists starring, some enviously, as Rach twirled and leaped in the glassy shallows.

More pictures will be coming from this shoot once I have some time to work on them. 

Info: Kodak Portra 160, shot on a Pentax ZX-5


Emily said...

LOVE! Some of my favorites! Glad you're having such a great time at Girl's Camp!

holtkamp said...

nice pics! remember when we thought we had the perfect match for barker - natural man! ha!