Saturday, August 6, 2011

Photography Final Shoot 1: Prairie Picnic

For my photography final I ended up deciding upon the theme of fine art portraits. I have had this particular picnic idea in my mind for awhile and was super excited to be able to put together the props and carry it out. Amanda and Steve Morley are neighbors and friends and were so kind to be willing to model for me. They have incredible style and they put together their own outfits. They are also naturals in front of the camera and I couldn't have asked for better subjects. Amanda told us her family loves to take family pictures so they are used to it.

The weather was the perfect amount of cloudy for a lovely diffused light. Our only problem was the wheat field. Since it was abandoned, it was full of crazy sharp thorns in various shapes and sizes. I think everyone but Steve got stuck pretty good and we left with red marks on our legs.

Info: Shot on the Mamiya 645 AF and Pentax ZX-5, Kodak Portra 160 NC and 160 VC.

John shot #4,6, and 8 on the 35mm Pentax, while I was using the Mamiya.  I didn't include those in my final of course, but I thought they turned out lovely.


Emily said...

Your picnics always look so fun!! LOVE the colors in these pictures.

holtkamp said...

i love perfect amounts of cloudy days :) great pictures as always mel!

KM said...

These look great! It was cool to see Amanda and steve your right they have great style. But your picnic turned out soo good!