Tuesday, August 2, 2011

"Ophir heaven's sake!"

The road at the end of Ophir was blocked by a flooded road.  It was like a horror movie.  Here we are waiting to be devoured by the zombies.

Only zombies would put gnomes up to greet you.

My ugly medical boot.  Wear it with pride.  This made me the slowest of the group and therefore more prone to attack.


Ophir used to be a mining town.

Angelica, the cute mommy to be. 


We found the sacrificial altar and John reenacted what we think happens on a full moon.




The Johns.

These are the pictures from our trip to Ophir, the ghost town.  We are glad to have made it back alive.


holtkamp said...

did any locals try and chase you out?

Emily said...

Cool place!

holtkamp said...

oh yeah, where did that dead mouse come from - were you leaving it for matt wegand to find on his smoke break?!?

Melinda said...

No one chased us out, but there was a weird old guy standing in the window of one house just staring out. It was creepy! And I didn't touch the dead mouse! There were two. I think they came from inside one of the historical houses . . . maybe I should have put it in a bread bag!

John Jenson said...

Wow. Really cool pics. You are a photographic genius!