Saturday, August 13, 2011

John at Big Springs

During the last shoot I made John dress up just in case I was short on pictures. I snapped a few but didn't end up using them. Thanks anyway John!

I was running so short on time with the last set of photos that I had them developed at Walgreens and then scanned them myself. I felt a little sheepish doing that, but they turned out alright. Overall I liked the tone and look of the ones shot on medium format, developed at a pro lab, and then hand scanned by me the best.

The first picture was one I scanned off the Walgreens developed film and the second is a straight scan from Walgreens. It's interesting for me to observe the differences. Walgreens seemed to have cooler tones and harder contrast.  The home scans were a little softer and warmer.

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Emily said...

These are great pictures! I like the colors better in the professional printed one, but the Walgreens style printing could be perfect for certain prints.