Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Jackson on Film: Barbeque on the Fourth

The innkeepers put on a delicious barbeque for everyone staying at the Bentwood on the Fourth. It was such a beautiful setting.  Afterward only Stephanie's family ended up going to see the fireworks.  I think everyone else was too wasted from the intense Yellowstone Excursion the day before to go out. 

Random side story of how I'm a bad aunt.  The reason why Sarah had to change out of her cute flag skirt was my fault.  Being the nature lover that I am, while wandering around the house with Sarah we found a robin's egg that I thought we could clean off and save. I had Matthew (my nephew) grab us some Q-tips. I filled a cup with soapy water so that we could get the yolk material off the inside of the shell.  The Q-tip ended up being pretty nasty, so I asked Sarah to pick up a napkin that looked like it had blown onto the grass. The egg crumbled so we threw it away, but a few minutes later Matthew and I noticed Sarah had brown goo on her hands and skirt.  Turns out someone was too lazy to pick up after their dog and threw the napkin on it instead. Sarah ended up changing, and we put another napkin on the soiled grass in case the person decided to go back and clean up.  Another person was fooled soon after and ended up with a hand full of dog poo napkin. That, my friends, is why you should pick up after your dogs and also why you probably shouldn't trust me with your children. 


holtkamp said...

that looks amazing! a 4th bbq is just perfect.

Emily said...

I hate when people don't clean up after their dogs!!

Lovely pictures.