Sunday, August 14, 2011

Girls Camp at Heber Valley

As an advisor to the Young Women in our church, I had the opportunity to attend Girls Camp this year. I was both very excited and a little nervous since it was my first time attending as a leader. It was also John's first time ever and he didn't know what to expect.  We both had a truly wonderful time.  I am so inspired by our girls, their strong character and desire to be good people. I hope I am able to go again next year to be apart of the edifying atmosphere.

We came at a gorgeous time.  There were aspens and blooming wildflowers everywhere.
Our camp was posh.  No exaggeration.  Amenities include hot showers, bathrooms, cabins, pavilions, and food prepared by our stake leaders. There is a 2-3 year waiting list to get into this place.  I'll be honest, it wasn't true roughing it camping, but it was sure nice!

John was taken aback by the amount of crafting that takes place at these camps. We made lanterns.

Gifts for leaders.

Headbands and more.

There was also camp certification.  John taught about cloud identification.

The food was great.  I gained a few pounds.

We had fun team building activities that the girls were creative at solving.

There was also a giant swing!

They let leaders on too!

Wildlife included lots of brave deer and potguts.

The girls did a cute dance to perform on the last night and were so good to humor us with a few practices.




I have a ton more but I'll have to put those up in an online album.


Dave said...

Totally random seeing Lindsay Orr in those pictures! haha

holtkamp said...

wow you had showers? and hot ones?! i didn't know john was a cloud expert!

Emily said...

FUN! Great pictures! I'm sure I'd like camping more if there were hot showers and yummy food that I didn't have to make.