Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Tempura at Kyoto



My big sister was recently given a position which requires her to oversee offices in Salt Lake, Denver, and a few other major cities. Lucky for me that also means that we get to meet up for dinner once in awhile, otherwise I'd only see her on our bi-annual trips to my hometown in San Diego. This time we met up at Kyoto and had heaping plates full of vegetable tempura. I think we all weren't expecting such huge portions and overstuffed ourselves.

Today after my photo class, we'll be driving down to Lake Tahoe for the Mori family reunion! I am so bummed that I broke my toe right before this trip! No more hiking, tennis, or swimming. Maybe I can at least float around in the lake.  I'm so happy that there will be plenty of family to keep me company.

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Emily said...

Yum! Say hi to your family!! :)