Friday, July 15, 2011

Our 5th Anniversary Celebration: Take 1

This week the midterm project for my photo class was due which required 3 perfect darkroom prints toned and dry mounted. I spent every day in the darkroom this week and John's work has been tiring, so we didn't do anything on the actual day of our anniversary to celebrate. Well, we did meet Angelica and Nash at TGI Friday's, but that wasn't planned.  Due to our lack of energy we decided that we would split up our anniversary celebration into different activities for a series of days.  So today was celebration #1 in which we decided to luxuriate in the sensation of fresh running water at the Alpine Rock Slide.

The mile long hike to the falls was hot.  We left the Gatorade in the car, but had a fun time chatting and sweating in anticipation. 

I was happy to wear my chucks there and I finally bought a swim cover-up last year at Target.  Best idea. It was much better than wearing two pieces (shorts and shirt).

There was a lot more water compared to last year.  John went before me to see if I could take it.  I'm always scared my butt doesn't have enough padding to make it down safely.  At the top there was a nice bunch of high school kids. I goaded the skinny apprehensive Asian boy that if I went then he had to go to since we were about the same weight. 

Cool Asian kids.  My skinny friend is on the right.

Then I broke my toe on a rock at the bottom of the falls.  The water was moving too swiftly for my weight and knocked me over and into some rocks in the pool as I was trying to stand up. I didn't feel it at first though because the water was super icy! (Yeah, my lens is awesome at f 1.4!). You think I'd learn my lesson after that tide pool incident.  Always wear shoes!

John went a second time . . .

and somehow hit his tailbone on a rock.

Then he tried to get all sexy and show off.

Self portrait.

Here is my toe after the mile walk back to the car. Gross. At least my toe nails were cute. I love this lavender color of Essie nail polish. I also love that we have insurance and a hospital practically down the street from where we live. A trip to Instacare resulted in a prescription of Lor-Tab, an ugly orthopedic boot/shoe I get to wear for three weeks, and a bunch of x-rays. The break went clean through. This was the first time I broke a bone. A couple weeks ago was the first time I got a ticket. We'll see what the rest of this month holds.


holtkamp said...

your celebration sounds very adventurous! i don't think i would do the slide again after that butt-bruising from last summer ha, ha! hope you have a speedy recovery!

Emily said...

Happy belated anniversary! That looks like so much fun(!)- minus the broken toe of course!! I love your nail polish and that lens. :) Also love your coverup.

molly said...

OUCH! If there is a girl out there to rock an orthopedic boot, it's you. You're just so cute. Feel better!!

Melinda said...

Molly, you are too kind. Thanks!