Friday, July 22, 2011

Lazy Days

Our week in Tahoe has been spent at the pool, eating snow cones, breathing in pine scented air, wading in cold lake water, sitting on the sand, mingling with extended family, Wii tournaments, boiled eggs in the morning, LTR monopoly, playing with dogs, hanging with the immediate family, reading Harry Potter, and sitting back to relax. 


holtkamp said...

sounds perfect! i hope your foot is healing well. how far are you in harry potter? i can't wait for you to finish and know that it's a million times better than twilight ha, ha :)

Melinda said...

Only the first chapter. I figured since the movies are finished I can now end my unconscious rebellion and read them! For sure I know they are better written and crafted than Twilight. Maybe when the Twilight movies are over your rebellion will end as well! ;)