Sunday, July 31, 2011

Lake Tahoe 1: Hanging at the Cabin

So, since it may be awhile until I send in and get back my film from the trip, I thought I'd put up some of John's pictures from the Mori reunion at Lake Tahoe. We know we have some eager family members that have been wanting to see these.

Our family stayed in a huge cabin/house.

Some people woke up early and entertained themselves.  That was nice. John woke up at 6am each morning and worked for 3 hours. I slept in.

Andre and McGruff. We liked having the dogs there.  It made John want a dog again.

Breakfast time. The fare ranged from muffins, Kashi cereal, and fruit to leftover pizza and turkey jerky.

Claire with Pinky and McGruff.

Breakfast of choice for most was hard boiled eggs. Lots of protein.  My family tries to eat pretty healthy.

We brought our Wii and had Tatsunoko vs. Capcom tournaments.  I held my own.  Years of watching older brothers play Nintendo has paid off. The kids had an awesome bunk room with their own bathroom, TV, couch and table isolated on the first floor.

 View from the deck. 


Emily said...

What a gorgeous cabin!! Looks like a fun trip. Your family is so great!

holtkamp said...

you should get a dog, ha, ha! a corgi to be bruce's friend :) did your mom make homemade scones like she'd make you early morning before seminary?! i was always jealous of your warm breakfast in a paperbag!