Saturday, July 30, 2011

John Haunts John

One of my last photo assignments was to use an on camera flash. I hate flash, but sometimes it is a necessary evil. I was gone during the in-class demo, and my flash is not fully compatible with John's digital camera (I usually just use it on my film 35mm) because the flash does not read the ISO, shutter speed, or f-stop set on the camera. So, when you use it with a digital it's full on chimping. Anyway, so what you get above is the most gimicky and cheesy example of using flash - tripod, lantern, long exposure, leading curtain flash. I will admit we had some good laughs: "Why don't you make the ghost of you come out from somewhere else?!" Good times.

Other happenings:
We went to my second cousin's wedding, John has to give a talk on Sunday, I'm desperately trying to find some models for my final project that are NOT pregnant or just had a baby, John found a new version of Thundercats, I finished my paper on Vermeer - SLCC expectations are a lot lower than BYU so it was cake, still waiting for my film, still waiting


Emily said...

That's an awesome picture! haha. We're available but probably too far away. :(

Melinda said...

I wish you lived closer! You guys would be wonderful subjects to photograph!

Jen said...

That's a pretty crazy picture! What are you doing for your final project? What's the reason pregnant people/ people with babies are out? Hope you had fun at the wedding!