Friday, July 8, 2011

Hiking in the Tetons

And now for the full barrage of vacation pictures. Is that a sigh I hear? Well, once my hodgepodge bag of film is developed there will be even more! Hahaha! Seriously though, it was so amazingly gorgeous there that it was hard to restrain one's hand from pushing down the shutter.

We walked around Jenny Lake.  It had a great path so John's dad was able to come too.

Hike around Stream  Lake. 

Walk around Coulter Bay. I really wanted to jump in and swim here.  The water was such a lovely blue.

Little toads.

I didn't put up pictures of the animals that John took because they're not that interesting. But for the record, animals seen: yellow bellied marmot, muskrat, bald eagle, mating toads, elk, bison, antelope, and lots of butterflies. That night Amanda and I split an elk steak. It was my first time trying elk and it was delicious!


Emily said...

Love these pictures!! It's so cool you saw so many animals!! Can you believe I've never been here though I can practically see the Tetons from our house?!

holtkamp said...

what?! i want to see some of the animals (no butterflies though! ha, ha) the lake looks amazingly blue. also, i can't believe you tried elk - gross!!!