Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Ching Farm Rescue and Sanctuary

I am a bit behind in my photography class.  It's not because I haven't been doing my assignments, but because I had to miss a class due to the family reunion, and as this is a summer course, things move fast.  An assignment I just finished today was to photograph in the style of a contemporary photographer.  I chose Keith Carter.  I love his dreamy photographs in Ezekiel's Horse. I am not super confident on the way my pictures turned out, but we'll see.  I'm new (i.e. horrible!) at using all photo-editing software and we had to shoot in digital for the project.

I had a really hard time trying to find a photographer I wanted to imitate.  I kept choosing photograhers who shot in film and it's hard to imitate the look of film digitally, at least for me.  I started with Sally Mann's recent project titled Proud Flesh, but it was too difficult and terrible trying to copy the awesomeness of her wet plate colloidal photographs.  

For my animal subjects for this assignment I went to Ching Farm Rescue and Animal Sanctuary, which is a non-profit dedicated to helping abandoned and abused animals.  Everyone was so kind to me and let me roam the farm at my own pace. I had fun petting the horses, pot bellied pigs, cats, dogs, and goats.  One goat in particular and a few of the horses came up and insisted on a nuzzle.  So cute!  If you live in the area, go and volunteer sometime.  It's a wonderful place and you can tell all the people there really love these sweet animals.


Emily said...

LOVE the first picture!! Sounds like a really neat place! What photo editing software do you use?

Kali said...

The snout pic is awesome!!

Amanda said...

Gorgeous! I love, love, love the second one.

Melinda said...

@Emily usually just the I'm feeling lucky button in Picasa or the clone stamp in Photoshop Elements to get rid of dust spots. BUT, I downloaded the 30 day trials for Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop CS5 for the second part of my class. It's been fun, but confusing sometimes.