Thursday, July 7, 2011

Because sometimes I'm evil and can't help myself

While we were walking around the hot pots in Yellow Stone, there was an over-enthusiastic youngster with some type of geothermal thermometer he picked up at the visitor's center as part of the Young Scientist club, or something.  As a science teacher, you think I'd be thrilled, but he was so superior with his little device that I couldn't help mocking him the rest of the trip.  Of course, only John and maybe one of the nephews actually heard/saw me.

"According to my thermometer this hot pot is 163.15 degrees farenheit!"

That's a bear. A big grizzly bear.  What it planned to do around all that boiling water is beyond me. Still, it was cool to see one so close.

This was probably my second most favorite thing in Yellowstone. Yes, yes I'm evil.


Emily said...

Hahaha. Love your outfit and wish I could've heard your remarks. :) That sign is awesome.

holtkamp said...

poor nerd! HA! i heard there was just a fatal bear attack in yellowstone, glad you guys didn't get too close. yellowstone is one of the coolest places, we need to go back!

molly said...

if you're evil, I don't even want to know what that makes the rest of us.