Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Summer List Part 2

  1. Star gazing on the hills over Herriman
  2. Lavender Fest
  3. Make strawberry shortcake, peach pie, and gelato all from scratch
  4. SLC Farmer's market
  5. Albion Basin hike
  6. Provo River Float
  7. Tea Party - the kind with actual tea and sweets, not the political kind
  8. Plant collecting in Provo - I want to get a leaf press and redo my field botany cards
  9. See Tree of Life, the new Pirates, Hanna, Harry Potter, and X-Men. Ever since Netflix, we've been lazy about going out to an actual movie theater.  So, honestly, we'll probably see one of these and watch the rest when they come out on DVD.
  10. Picnic idea #3: Homemade pies and fried chicken
  11. Natural rock water slide in Alpine 
  12. Hiking Nephi's secret meadow - hoping the flowers are still there in early July!
And tomorrow we are off to Jackson Hole to hang with the LeSueur family! I'm looking forward to seeing our family that we usually see only once a year as well as fresh mountain air, Yellowstone, and daily gourmet cheese and meals served by our bed and breakfast's chef! This all promises to be most excellent!


    holtkamp said...

    fried chicken and pies sound SO good right now! as well as strawberry shortcake, peach pie and gelato. i guess i'm just hungry. i heard 'tree of life' is really good. i think we're going to see it too (and harry potter, of course).

    don't get too many bruises on the rock slide :)

    Emily said...

    What a list! All of that food sounds amazing. :) We saw "Hanna" and liked it. Can't wait for HP!!

    Kristin said...

    Nice list! I would like a tea party too. Why am I surrounded by boys? {Truth be told, they would probably enjoy it too!}

    molly said...

    You kids are my favorite.