Sunday, June 12, 2011


Now that the horrible extra science Praxis test is over, real summer can finally being at our house! I was trying hard to not think about all the things I wanted to do or notice the nice weather last week because I knew it would just drive me crazy as I sat cooped up in the bunny room (now gerbil room) studying.  I feel so relieved that it's over! To compensate for the long hours stuffing my head full of scientific concepts I created a list of the things I want to do.

Part 1:
  1. Strawberry picking in Layton
  2. Bear Trap Fork Hike - an unused trail, lots of butterflies and wildflowers
  3. Simpson Springs to camp out and hunt for geodes - science nerd adventure
  4. Picnic idea #1: Big Springs and petanque (aka bocce).  It's time for John to get his French on.
  5. Saratoga Hot Springs
  6. Pleasant Grove Strawberry days - Ferris wheel, funnel cake, and fresh strawberries and cream!
  7. Picnic idea #2: Lemonade with muffins - one of my awesome students gave me a very cute end of year present.  It was a tub filled with lemonade essentials.  It included 2 glasses, a pitcher, mixing spoon, coasters, a yummy smelling tea light and candle holder, napkins, and a lemonade mix.  I'm a sucker for themed gifts and this was so creative! One day I will use all of these things on my dream wrap around porch!
  8. Eat J-Dawgs and Diegos.  Try Braza Grill and Communal.
  9. Check out the moose nesting grounds near Timp with the Nashes.
  10. Antique store shopping for jewelry photo props. 
I've also started my photo class.  There are only 8 other students which is great because it means more one-on-one instruction.  On Tuesday we're developing our film and making prints in the dark room. 


    Kerstin said...

    Brent and I used to eat at Braza Grill all the time until we tried Tucano's in Gateway. So, so much better!

    Emily said...

    Great list and picture! Congrats on finishing up!!!!

    Nathan said...

    I would love it if you guys posted more info on your hiking trails. I'm always looking for new places to hike and you seem to find the coolest places. HOW?

    holtkamp said...

    free at last! :) sounds like you guys have fun summer planned. diego's sounds so good right now. hope you find some cool geodes. i've been really fascinatd with geodes and rocks since we visited that mine in argentina.

    Melinda said...

    @Nate we usually use this Utah Mountain biking trail guide. A lot of the trails on there aren't even used by bikers and some are pretty remote. I'll try and post more info on our hikes!

    I found the little Goshen trail through my birding class at BYU, but it's also on a Utah birding site. Those aren't really hikes, but they can be good picture taking spots.

    Melinda said...

    @Kerstin, we love Tuscanos too! Someone told us that Braza grill was a good cheaper alternative for everyday. Do you have a blog? I think you sent me a link for one once but it didn't work. I'd love to see how you and your family is doing! We miss you here in the ward!

    Melinda said...

    Oh, I meant Braza Express! There's one in Orem and also one in Salt Lake I think.