Thursday, June 23, 2011

Photo II: Assignment #3

I've been sick lately. A new prescription I started made me nauseated. I took the pictures for this assignment too fast because I was trying not to vomit in public. I still have one more roll to finish up so hopefully I'll have some better frames from that one. Honestly this roll was pretty bad. The assignment was to use line, tone, sharpness, and distance to convey perspective.We are also supposed to print on fiber paper, use two different easels, and tone one image.

Even though I tried so carefully not disgrace myself in public, I had to leave class early on Tuesday because I was feeling so sick. I made it out of the school, vomited in my hand, threw the bolus (with a splat) on the ground, and made it only 10 feet before proceeding the get on my hands and knees in a dress to puke in the grass in the parking lot. Not my finest moment.

The last few days I have been surviving on Gatorade, broth, and, oddly enough, popcorn while alternately watching season one of Ranma 1/2 and reading (or having John read) East of Eden. Today I was miraculously feeling better and made it to class on just 800mg of ibuprofen (although the doctor did offer me some valium and lortab).  Should have taken it and made a profit . . . just kidding!

Things I will not feel like eating for a long time: Skittles, spaghetti, chicken noodle soup, home style popcorn, and especially Chinese food.  I tried to eat that twice while sick and now just passing the Yum Yum or Ho Ho Gourmet on the way to school makes me queasy!

Technical Info: Ilford HP5 shot on a Mamiya 645AF with a 80mm, f2.8 lens


Emily said...

The second picture is great! Oh I'm so sad for you. Being nauseous and vomiting is the worst. :( Hope you feel better soon and adjust to your new meds and/or get different meds or one to help with the vomiting. Hopefully it doesn't continue, but if it does, carry around a few ziploc quart or gallon bags and some gum. BTW I took some pictures last week after getting sick in the canyon and it makes me sick all over again to look at what I thought was straight. hahaha.

angie said...

Sounds like a fun assignment, but nothing's fun when sick! Hope you get better soon!

holtkamp said...

sorry to hear you're not well mell! hopefully it will pass soon. i've actually considered carrying around bags when i feel nauseaus just in case i have to puke.

Christy Lee Nielson said...

You seriously are a talented photographer...don't be getting any ideas about leaving school to be a photographer though, I would be sad without you there! I am sorry to hear you have been sick, I had an embarrassing vomitting experience yesterday and my stomach has been weird for a while....we will have to drink our gatorades and popcorn together...I hate when food makes you sick...not fun! Hope your summer is great!

KM said...

I still think the pics are way cool! I can't wait to see more! I am sorry ou were so sick! Let me know if you need anything!