Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Photo II: Assignment #1

For our first assignment in my photo class we took a field trip to the Salt Lake City Public Library. I had never been, and it was lovely! John and I will definitely be going on a date there soon! I walked down one row and saw a biography on F. Scott Fitzgerald, and then as I descended the stairs to the next level there was a giant book of Hokusai's woodblock prints in plain sight. I tried to stretch myself and take more architectural pictures. If you've seen my photographs before you'll notice I usually veer toward portraits and small still life objects. The photos here were taken with my new Mamiya 645 AF on a 80mm f2.8 lens and scanned on our sketchy low grade Epson photo scanner.  

On Tuesday we developed our film and made contact prints in the darkroom. It was great to be back and things came back relatively easily for me. I think a lot of it my hands just remembered, which was nice. I did make the mistake of exposing the wrong side of one piece of RC paper, which was embarrassing and wasteful. Other than that, things went pretty smoothly. I've missed the darkroom, the vinegar smells, and the slosh of chemicals!

I did learn that my Pentax 35mm camera's light meter is way off (see second contact sheet). I always had a feeling it over exposed a bit, but today's developing proved just how much. Student's get a 30% off discount on Sekonic light meters and Manfrotto tripods at Pictureline, so I may be siphoning some of my clothing money in that direction. I still need to pick two negatives to make enlarged prints from. Any votes?


angie said...

I love them Melinda. My fav is the third one down. So interesting!

Kristen said...

Great pictures! The darkroom smell at our high school was always laced with a little pot as well. ;) (not me!!!)

Kali said...

When you take someones portrait do you just walk up to them and ask "hey, can I take your picture"??

fun that you are taking a photography class!!

Tanei Atagi said...

I vote for the 5th one down! These are all beautiful!

Melinda said...

@Kali I do usually just ask them if I can take their picture and they always seem obliging. The only time it went somewhat bad is when I asked a teenager in Europe and she got really embarrassed but still let me take the picture.